Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale availability

Please contact us if you are interested in a bulk order. This would be any quantities over 50 masks.

Care instructions

Masks can be hand washed or washed in your laundry machine. Hang to dry, or dry on low heat and iron on low. Refer to our Care and Washing section for more information.

Sizing details

The biggest question is about the fit of the elastic.

  • Too large: Use a cord lock adjuster to provide the perfect fit- these little silicone toggles are easy to slide onto the elastics and provide a "snug" fit with optimal comfort!
  • Criss-cross method by criss-crossing the loop before it is put over the ear. 

We strive hard to ensure the elastic fits most people with the original design. Obviously this won't be the case for every single person or variation. Share your innovative ideas if there is a tip or trick you come across that helps you!

Refer to our Tips for Mask.

I ordered multiple masks- why do some feel heavier than others? Are they all 3-layered?

Rest assured that all masks produced by us have are 3 layers. Some of the fabrics, elastics can vary from color to color. On this same note, if there are minor sizing variations among your bundle of masks it is only because they are handmade and made with ❤